Welcome to the website presenting interesting and relatively low risk betting systems. We will focus on three sport disciplines such as football , horse racing and tennis . We will also describe selected European roulette strategies. We are aware that there is no always winning system or 100% winning strategy. It is not easy to win money because we are dealing with professionals, odds setting masters. The probability works gently in the benefit of bookmakers. However, we can use certain systems to tilt the scales of victory in our favor.

football match small photo
"The margin is very marginal".
―Sir Bobby Robson.
"Julian Dicks is everywhere. It's like they have eleven Dicks on the field."
―A commentator on Metro Radio.
horse racing small photo
"This is really a lovely horse and I speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother."
Ted Walsh - Horse Racing Commentator
tennis small photo
"Tennis is a psychological sport,
you have to keep a clear head.
That is why I stopped playing"

-Boris Becker
roulette wheel small photo
Even if the winning method were written on casino walls, people still would stick to their losing ‘lucky numbers’ methods.
– Richard Grace

Described systems are supported by analysis based on real data. We try to keep the simplicity of descriptions by placing auxiliary charts and tables.

comparison of betting systems1
Comparison of two systems based on a series of over 30 games.
comparison of betting systems2
Analysis of 4 different systems tested under identical conditions.

We would like to show you how to analyze events and find the best of them for betting. Some of the presented systems are widely known and described in the literature, some are modifications of already existing systems, but there are also completely original systems invented by us or our friends.